BioMin Toothpaste - Armour for Teeth

Dental Industry Awards Finalist

BioMin Technologies Limited announced as Innovation of
the Year finalists at the Dental Industry Awards



Tooth Pain
Did You Know, up to 40% of the Population Suffer with Tooth Sensitivity

BioMin™ Toothpaste Technology could help

BioMin™ C

The new Fluoride Free toothpaste from BioMin Technologies

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BioMin Toothpaste – Armour for Teeth

BioMin™ is a dental additive that has been specifically developed for complete oral care
and protection. The award winning active ingredients found in BioMin™ F and BioMin™ C toothpastes
have been created to help remineralise tooth surfaces, reduce early stages of sensitivity and tooth decay.

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BioMin™ F (Fluoride Toothpaste) and BioMin™ C (Fluoride Free Toothpaste).

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