11 Feb 20

BioMin® F has been exhibited at AEEDC, the United Arab Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition, in Dubai, to great response.

AEEDC which took place on 4-6 February, is now believed to be the largest international annual scientific dental event in the world, hosting 18 international ‘pavilions’ where over 2,400 dental exhibitors from across the globe display their products. The magnificent conference venue also has five halls with a programme of over 150 top international speakers throughout the event.

Although the focus of the event is the Middle East, there is a strong presence of all the major dental industry players and boasts delegates from all over the world. Richard Whatley, Chief Executive of BioMin Technologies Ltd, has been delighted with the feedback he’s received in the Emirates about BioMin® F.

The ground-breaking toothpaste has been available through AMD Pharmaceutical in the UAE for just over a year, where it is approved for its efficacy to relieve dentine hypersensitivity and to remineralise tooth surfaces. ‘We are starting to get very positive feedback from users and prescribing dentists and dental hygienists’ he said.

AMD Pharmaceuticals has made BioMin F available through selected pharmacies in the Emirates. ‘Besides meeting many dental professionals practising in the Emirates, trade discussions were held with many distributors from all over the Middle East, so we expect BioMin toothpastes soon to become widely available throughout the region’.

In addition to BioMin’s success in the exhibition pavilion, a scientific poster was also on view, presented by Dr Abdulmajeed Alhussein and collaborators from Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. They compared the remineralisation effects of BioMin F toothpaste compared with a standard fluoride-containing toothpaste. BioMin F, in which fluoride, phosphate and calcium ions are incorporated into its structure for slow continuous release over several hours, performed excellently.

‘We concluded that the BioMin F group outperformed the other groups in terms of remineralising the demineralised enamel structure,’ said the authors. Richard Whatley commented, ‘It is very heartening to receive very positive performance findings from University researchers in the Middle East providing further support to the scientific research undertaken at Queen Mary University of London over the past decade.’

Richard Whatley and Prof Omar Meligy of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University