19 Mar 20

BioMin® F, the innovative toothpaste with outstanding remineralisation and tooth strengthening capability, is now available in a children’s variant (BioMin F for Kids).

New BioMin F for Kids has been shown to offer outstanding protection to children’s teeth. Based on the same innovative technology as original BioMin F, BioMin F for Kids releases a controlled and continuous supply of fluoride, calcium and phosphate to form a protective barrier on the teeth, strengthening tooth enamel and remineralising initial surface damage.

To make it appealing to children, a friendly dinosaur character, Bino, has been designed to capture children’s imaginations and make toothbrushing fun. Bino appears on the tube of BioMin F for Kids, the packaging and a range of reward stickers and other resources. Furthermore, it is available in two pleasant fruity flavours, strawberry and melon, and is presented in a silvery gel formulation which does not contain titanium dioxide. It is not tested on animals, is suitable for vegans and has halal certification. It is aimed at children aged 3-6 years.

Richard Whatley, Chief Executive Officer of BioMin Technologies Ltd, commented:

‘BioMin F for Kids acts to remineralise and strengthen the enamel of children’s teeth, providing a barrier to combat acid attack from soft drinks, fruit juice, treats and snacks.’

He added:

‘Based on the success of the adult product, we are using the same slow-release technology to add mineral and enhance protection and the ability to counter acid attack.’

The "smart" technology behind BioMin F for Kids is proven to be safe for children. BioMin F for Kids will retail at £4.99/ €5.50 per tube (35ml/50g), contact your local BioMin distributor today.