23 Dec 20

‘BioMin is a great toothpaste for anyone who needs TLC for their enamel’

‘I would encourage nearly everyone to use BioMin® F because of its remineralising action and the optimal low dose of fluoride delivery over a longer period of time.’ This was the verdict of Donna Paton, a highly respected hygienist in Ireland and the former President of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Donna, who works across three different specialist and general practices, is a strong believer in BioMin F and uses it herself. She believes that communication with the patient is key to getting them to understand the cause of their dentine hypersensitivity (DH), and involving them in its management.

‘Once you’ve determined the cause of their DH – have they got gum recession, exposed root surfaces, are they brushing too hard, etc, I would show them any obvious damage, explain the cause and address any changes to their hygiene habits,’ she said.

Donna always uses a mouth mirror to enable the patient to see what she is talking about and shows the image of tubular occlusion from the BioMin website to illustrate how BioMin F enters and blocks the dentinal tubules, preventing DH.

Tubular Occlusion with BioMin® F

‘The images are self explanatory and patients easily understand and accept the problem, and can understand how this toothpaste can help their sensitivity,’ she said.

Donna has many successful examples of BioMin helping patients with a variety of problems from damage around orthodontic brackets to chemotherapy patients with sore mouths, but she believes that with its slow release action BioMin F is a great all-rounder for any patient. ‘Surely this is a huge advantage in what I would want from a toothpaste,’ she said. ‘Obviously there are specific groups that you would definitely want to recommend it to: people with sensitivity, hypomineralisation, children with poor diet, high caries rates, athletes, and people in rural areas without fluoride in the water – anyone that needs TLC for their enamel!’

This was the second in a series of five small excerpts from our recent webinar on dentine hypersensitivity.

Next up, we’ll hear what Gitana Rėderienė, a hygienist and dental product distributor in Lithuania, had to say...

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