04 Jan 21

Products must be innovative, scientifically proven and unique, says leading hygienist

Gitana Rėderienė is President of the Lithuanian Dental Hygienists’ Association, a practising hygienist and a distributor of oral hygiene products in the Baltic area – including BioMin® F. She applies the same criteria in both roles when choosing a product to recommend to patients and to bring to market. ‘I focus on the patient’s problem, and work together with them to find a solution,’ she said. ‘As a specialist and as a distributor, it is important for me that a product is innovative, scientifically proven and unique.’

She prescribes BioMin F for her patients with dentine hypersensitivity problems, including those with periodontal issues where gum recession may also lead to exposed dentine, and also for patients suffering from erosion. ‘I recommend they use BioMin F so that the tooth surface is protected against acid attack, as well as preventing them from developing dentine hypersensitivity,’ she said.

Gitana has observed that the stress of the pandemic – comfort eating, more snacks, fizzy drinks and coffees, together with tooth grinding from anxiety - has affected the oral health of her patients, something borne out by the live poll among attendees at the webinar, and published studies from the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Patients' Oral Health Poll

Interestingly, she has also noticed that dentine hypersensitivity can be a seasonal issue, often arising in the autumn. ‘At this time of year, many people eat more fruit and berries, especially sour apples from the garden, and it increases their sensitivity,’ she explained. ‘Some drink more smoothies, thinking they are healthy, but they are not good for your teeth, especially if you drink them over a long period, bathing your enamel in the acid.’ Here again, BioMin F can play an important role, responding more rapidly in the presence of acid, to deposit a protective layer of fluorapatite.

This was the third in a series of five small excerpts from our recent webinar on dentine hypersensitivity. Next up, we’ll hear how dental hygienist Gill Wallis Cliffe motivates her patients...

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