05 Jan 21

The science behind BioMin F is ‘compelling and wonderful’

Yorkshire dental hygienist Gill Wallis Cliffe has been using and recommending BioMin® F since 2016, having come across it by chance, and describes it as ‘one of the best discoveries’ she’s made. ‘The science behind it is compelling and wonderful,’ she said.

Many of Gill’s patient base are from low income and educational backgrounds, so she keeps things simple when explaining BioMin to them, calling it a ‘smart glass’ or ‘smart toothpaste’, something special to the surgery that isn’t available in the supermarket. Traditionally, she said, the clinician needed to identify the cause of each patient’s hypersensitivity and try to fit a suitable product to that problem, be it erosion, abrasion or high levels of caries. ‘But BioMin – which is fantastic – covers all those bases,’ she said. ‘The evidence is there; we are fitting all demographics across the board.’

‘The way I feel about it is that we have a product here that we can stock, support as a professional product and it supports our professionalism,’ she said.

In her practice, which carries out a lot of periodontal work, she uses BioMin F topically when patients are having whitening treatment or removal of protein layer, and she recommends it for patients with xerostomia from a number of causes. ‘Many patients are on multi-medication, for oncology or antidepressants, for example, and BioMin F has been fantastic in supporting this,’ she said.

Obeying advice from dietitians, recommending grazing and eating a lot of fruit, was also harmful to the teeth. ‘When does the mouth get the chance to neutralise?’ she asked. Here too, ‘BioMin F has been revolutionary in helping these people.’

‘I would encourage all clinicians to stock it in the practice,’ Gill said. ‘Giving patients access to this product is phenomenal.’

This was the fourth in a series of five small excerpts from our recent webinar on dentine hypersensitivity. In the final part, Dr Stefano Daniele from Milan discusses his research into DH treatments.

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