11 Feb 20

A new study has confirmed the connection between good oral health and confidence – as well as employability. According to the results, people who are happy with their smile and their oral health overwhelmingly report being more confident than those who are not.

This insecurity translates into employability too, with over 21% claiming that they felt less confident in job interviews because of their smile or their oral health, and 12% believing that these issues were holding them back from promotion or getting a job.

The study, commissioned by US health insurance company Cigna, involved interviews with 1,000 American adults with the aim of getting a cross-section that mirrored the US population. Its goal was to better understand the link between oral health and mental wellbeing, including its effect on self-esteem, stress, confidence, employability and the ability to make and maintain meaningful social connections.

Most of those questioned said they were ‘very or completely satisfied’ with their smile, but 15% reported being unhappy with theirs, and a similar percentage (16%) said their smile impaired their self-confidence.

While it might be common sense to assume that a healthy mouth and attractive smile would increase confidence, the figures were convincing: Of those who were ‘completely satisfied with their smile’, 93% rated their confidence as excellent or very good, compared with only 30% of those who were not at all satisfied with their smile. Similarly, of those who said their oral health was excellent, 91% claimed their self-confidence was good or excellent, and only 37% of those whose oral health was fair or poor felt the same level of confidence.

Confidence was also higher among those who visited the dentist or hygienist around twice a year compared with those who had routine appointments once or less than once a year. About 63% of the interviewees felt their oral health would benefit from improvement, and 58% thought their smile could be improved.

Regular brushing with BioMin F can play a vital part in improving oral health, by strengthening and protecting tooth enamel and relieving the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity.

*BEHIND THE SMILE – Oral Health Impact Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Employability