07 Jan 20

BioMin F toothpaste is based on a new generation of bioactive materials, designed to work in a similar way to the body’s natural chemistry to restore lost tooth mineral.

Developed in the laboratories of Queen Mary University, London, BioMin F has a ‘biomimetic’ action, meaning that it mimics the biochemical reactions in the body to produce acid-resistant fluorapatite, which is similar to natural tooth mineral.

Unlike conventional toothpastes that contain soluble fluoride, BioMin F toothpaste incorporates calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions within the structure of the active ingredient. When you brush with BioMin F, the particles adhere to the teeth, where they dissolve slowly over up to 12 hours, releasing these ions where they work in concert with saliva to form fluorapatite.

This slow-release action means that low but effective concentrations of fluoride may achieve greater remineralisation effect than even the high strength conventional toothpastes, where the soluble fluoride is rinsed away in under two hours.

BioMin F also contains a high phosphate content, which accelerates both the effectiveness and speed of the remineralisation process. Fluorapatite is more stable and resistant to acid attack than hydroxyapatite, increasing the level of overall protection of the tooth.

Tests in the labs at Queen Mary University have shown that BioMin F rapidly starts to develop quantifiable levels of fluorapatite within 45 minutes in artificial saliva, continuing for around 12 hours, and that there can be residual activity for up to 24 hours.

A ‘smart’ effect has also been observed: when teeth are under acid attack, for example following the consumption of a sweet or fizzy drink, BioMin F bioactive particles dissolve more rapidly at lower pH to restore the equilibrium and kick start the remineralisation process. Studies from around the world have proven that this remineralisation effect penetrates deep into the enamel lesion, thanks to the low, slow release of the fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions and precipitation of fluorapatite. Dentists and hygienists are noticing the effect too.

US hygienist Theresa McCarter can actually see a visible improvement in the density of some patients’ tooth enamel after a few months use of BioMin F. ‘One lady’s teeth were so translucent they were almost blue,’ she said. ‘After using BioMin F they were noticeably improved.’