22 Oct 20
Dr Tie Sing Fong, who carried out research into BioMin F for his PhD, has won a prestigious award for his work in his home country of Malaysia. We caught up with him at his busy periodontal clinic in Sibu, to find out his thoughts on BioMin F.
15 Oct 20
40% of Brits suffer from sensitive teeth at some point in their lives...
05 Oct 20
Álvaro de Marichalar, a renowned Spanish explorer, entrepreneur and aristocrat, is circumnavigating the globe on a 3m long vessel - a water scooter - and protecting his teeth with BioMin F.
17 Sep 20
Better oral health protects against viral infection – and with the winter approaching, this is especially important for the elderly. Here’s BioMin’s guide to home dental care for older patients and carers.
31 Aug 20
BioMin® F for Kids is an ideal way to protect children’s teeth from their grazing eating habits, says Professor Robert Hill.
25 Aug 20
Endurance athletes need to consume huge amounts of calories to keep their energy up – often with damaging results to their teeth. Ultra-runner Carla Molinaro talks about how important her dental health is to her.
14 Aug 20
Ferranti Wong, Professor of Paediatric Dentistry at QMUL, suggests prevention is the key to turning the tide on levels of dental decay in children.
14 Aug 20
‘We have a unique opportunity arising out of the COVID-19 crisis to move things forward, put prevention centre on the agenda, both for the public and for the practitioners themselves, and to change towards a preventive and outcomes-related model, rather than the output-related model that they’ve had in the past.’
10 Aug 20
Dr Swati Nehete introduced BioMin® F to a huge online audience from 63 countries worldwide.
07 Aug 20
Inequality is the highest risk factor both for infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and for non-communicable diseases such as dental decay – and that has to be the focus of dental public health initiatives.