27 May 20
Professor Robert Hill, the scientist behind BioMin® F, looks at the growing body of evidence supporting BioMin F’s claims.
21 May 20
For National Smile Month we look at how to ensure that brushing isn’t a chore for children
17 May 20
BioMin Technologies Ltd has donated 960 tubes of BioMin® F to support a young London dentist collecting oral health products to deliver to hospitals and care homes.
29 Apr 20
The BBC FOUR series ‘How to Make’, presented by Dr Zoe Laughlin, focuses on everyday objects which Zoe dissects and investigates, and then recreates her own bespoke versions, step by step.
26 Apr 20
Top tips for keeping your teeth and gums in good condition when you're expecting.
22 Apr 20
Endurance athletes are at particular risk of dental problems due to their intensive training and their diet. We talk to top cyclist Rudy Molard about the oral hygiene regime that keeps his mouth healthy
14 Apr 20
BBC FOUR programme looks at the science behind BioMin® F – and calls it ‘magic’
06 Apr 20
Faye Donald, UK registered dental hygienist gives some helpful tips on how to help look after your teeth and gums during Covid-19.
25 Mar 20
Here’s Bino’s guide to keeping your child’s teeth healthy
19 Mar 20
Announcing the launch of BioMin F for Kids – a new child-friendly toothpaste with all the benefits of BioMin® F