18 Mar 20
Coronavirus, COVID-19, is going to change every possible aspect of our lives, much of it beyond our control. However, there are practical things we can do in our homes to limit the risks of cross-contamination or infection – starting in our own bathrooms.
13 Mar 20
A new study in children has proved that fluoride levels stay higher for longer after brushing with BioMin F based toothpaste.
11 Feb 20
BioMin® F has received great response at the AEEDC conference and dental exhibition in Dubai.
11 Feb 20
It may be the world’s favorite morning drink, but what about its dark side.
11 Feb 20
A new study has confirmed the connection between good oral health and confidence – as well as employability.
07 Jan 20
BioMin F toothpaste is based on a new generation of bioactive materials, designed to mimic the body’s natural chemistry to restore lost tooth mineral.
05 Jan 20
Using the right brushing technique will ensure that you get the maximum benefit when you clean your teeth with BioMin F. Here’s what to do.
30 Dec 19
Make a New Year’s resolution to be good to your teeth, says Oral Health Foundation Chief Executive Nigel Carter OBE
23 Nov 19
Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. It’s very safe but about 50% of patients suffer sensitivity issues following treatment, according to the British Dental Bleaching Society.
22 Nov 19
A professional wine taster is successfully using BioMin F to resolve her excruciating dentine hypersensitivity.