25 Aug 18
"I would say to colleagues that they should try the product for themselves – and not worry about the lower fluoride content than in competing products. It does what it says on the tube!." Dr Andrew Walton
20 Aug 18
"I trialled it on myself first. I found I was sensitive to cold air when I had had whitening treatment, so I used BioMin F for 14 days and the sensitivity was improved enough for me to go on with the treatment." Sam Davidson, Hygienist
17 Aug 18
"Brushing with BioMin F twice a day is a more consistent method of delivering fluoride and enables the effect to continue over a 12-hour period." Dr Mark Maharaj
10 Aug 18
I have been a hygienist and educator for over 20 years, licensed in four US states, and I see education as an essential part of the hygienist’s role. I’ve been a fan of Novamin for a long time and when I read about BioMin I was very excited about an improved bioactive glass.
03 Aug 18
"My special interest is patients with cancer - on multiple medications, with dry mouth issues and at high risk of demineralisation. I have been offering it to these patients with good results." Joss Harding, Hygienist, Stroud, Glos
03 Aug 18
"I read about BioMin and immediately liked that it had been developed by a dental hospital not a multinational." Dr Jonathan Waterer, Leek, Staffs
23 Jul 18
"Patients are coming back to buy more and giving positive feedback. Their sensitivity is much reduced." Bhavana Dower, Hygienist and Oral Health Educator, Streatham, London
22 Jan 18
If you’re expecting, your dentist or doctor may have advised you how – and how important it is – to keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy. You may have even read our blog post on the topic here. But two things you might not realise are that your oral health can actually affect the outcome of your birth… and that your caries, or cavity-causing bacteria, can be passed onto your baby. The good news is, there are simple steps you can take to protect both your teeth and your bundle of joy. Boost your oral health and reduce your risk It’s a little-known fact that studies have found associations...
09 May 17
Are you thinking about starting a family, or growing your existing brood? Have you just found out you’re expecting? Either way, congratulations – this is an exciting time, and one you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. We’re sure you also know it’s a vital time to look after yourself.
09 May 17
Everyone’s day starts a little differently, but hopefully yours incorporates a thorough dental care regime. That means brushing your teeth for two minutes. Oh… and doing so before you eat breakfast.