How does BioMin® C work?

BioMin® C works very similarly to BioMin® F except the Fluoride has been replaced by Chloride in the glass structure.

The fine glass particles found in BioMin® C toothpaste adhere to the surface of the tooth upon brushing. Do not to rinse the mouth immediately after brushing as the adhesion process will be impaired. The glass particles of BioMin® C stick to the tooth surface in a similar manner to BioMin® F toothpaste and also glass ionomer cements which are widely used as filling materials by dentists.

The saliva found within your mouth then breaks down the glass matrix (faster than the BioMin® F toothpaste formula) to deliver hydroxyapatite onto the surface of the tooth. This formation is particularly pronounced around the neck or opening of exposed tubules (small holes in teeth) and any areas of the tooth under acidic attack (typically replacing lost tooth mineral).