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BioMin® Facts
What is BioMin®?
What is the difference between BioMin® F & BioMin® C?
How does BioMin® F work?
Why is there such low Fluoride content in BioMin® F toothpaste?
How does BioMin® C work?
Tooth Sensitivity & Remineralisation
What is tooth sensitivity?
How is tooth sensitivity caused?
Bioactive Glasses
What are bioactive glasses?
What makes BioMin® different to Novamin®?*
Fluoride the Facts
What is Fluoride?
Is Fluoride Good or Bad?
Scientific Studies
Clinical Studies
Structure-property relationships in fluoride containing BioActive glasses for applications in Dentistry - Robert Hill
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* Novamin® and Sensodyne® are both registered trademarks of GlaxoSmithKlinePLC (GSK).