BioMin Technologies Limited was established in 2014 to commercialise the award-winning research conducted over the past decade at Queen Mary University London and Imperial College, London.

This research and product formation focused on developing bioactive particle materials to help reduce and provide relief from tooth sensitivity and Dentine Hypersensitivity, and to strengthen and protect tooth enamel.


In 2016 BioMin™ F Fluoride containing toothpaste went into large scale production and is now promoted by our distribution partners around the world. BioMin™ C was introduced in late 2017 for those who refuse to use a  Fluoride containing toothpaste but still require relief from sensitivity.

New dental fillings that could actually REPAIR tooth decay

The technology behind BioMin™ can also be utilised to create new composite posterior restorative materials (made of bioactive particles), which could replace amalgam fillings. The bioactive particle composites may actually replenish minerals that are lost due to tooth decay. Additionally, the bioactive particles may fill any marginal gaps that develop over time and prevent oral bacteria from infiltrating and breaking down the restoration. This process could significantly enhance the life expectancy of a composite restoration.


History of BioMin Technologies Limited