Professor Robert Hill, BioMin Technologies Limited

Professor Robert Hill

Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Robert Hill, Director and Chief Scientific Officer, currently holds the Chair of Physical Sciences in the Dental Institute at Queen Mary University, London. He was formerly Professor of Biomaterials at Imperial College. He is an expert on bioactive glass and apatite chemistry.

He was part of the Materials Group at LGC that won the Queens Award for Technological Achievement in 1984.

In 2013 he received the Alan Wilson Award for Dental Materials. He developed a cement (Serenocem) for sticking Cochlear implants in place and repairing the ossicular chain. This cement is produced by Corinthian, has gained FDA approval and is distributed worldwide.

Robert Hill is a UK representative on Technical Committee 4 of the International Congress of Glass that deals with glasses for Medical Applications, and also a UK representative on Technical Committee 7 that deals with Nucleation and Crystallisation of Glass.

Robert Hill's research interests include;

Bioactive Glasses Glass (ionomer) Polyalkenoatecements, Glass-ceramics, Materials for Hard Tissue Restoration. Apatites Characterization of Apatites, Glasses and Glass Polyalkenoate Cements using solid state NMR.