02 Nov 20

An Australian scientist, carrying out research with the Australian Antarctic Division, has taken a year’s supply of BioMin® F toothpaste to the South Pole to protect his teeth.

The scientist, who can’t be seen to endorse a product as he works for the Australian government, has taken supplies of BioMin F to the Antarctic on two previous occasions – these were for periods of up to 6 months, but this time he is joining the project for a year, so he has taken a 12-pack of BioMin F to keep his teeth healthy.

He is relying on the extra protection offered by BioMin F on the advice of his dentist since he will be far away from dental treatment for an extended period of time.

BioMin F works on a slow-release principle, adhering to the teeth where it gradually releases a combination of fluoride, phosphate, and calcium ions over a period of 12 hours. Working in concert with saliva, a protective layer of fluorapatite is laid down, plugging the dentinal tubules which can be the source of dentine hypersensitivity, and remineralising lost tooth enamel. Numerous studies have shown that BioMin F is highly effective at reducing the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity and strengthening tooth enamel.

Breathing in cold air can trigger dentine hypersensitivity, so it’s hoped that regular brushing with BioMin F will prevent this occurring in the extremely low temperatures in which the Australian researcher will be working.

Les Szabo, owner of Lazark, BioMin’s distributor in Australia, who provided the product for the scientist, said: ‘His dentist recommended he use BioMin F to offer the best possible protection while he is in Antarctica, as it’s a long way back to see a dentist. And if he does develop sensitive teeth, he will be covered for that too. Sometimes you need a little bit extra!’