11 Jul 20

BioMin F and BioMin C have been voted by Australian consumers as the number 1 and number 2 rated toothpastes on the comprehensive and reputable Australian consumer opinion site www.productreview.com.au.

Australian reviewers gave BioMin® F an overall rating of 4.8 from 146 reviews, and BioMin® C a rating of 4.9 from 20 reviews, ranking them both above the other 53 toothpastes reviewed, many of them well-known major brands. Positive 5-star reviews are continuing to be posted, many with stories citing how BioMin has improved their dental issues substantially - often leading to improvements in quality of life.

One reviewer commented:

‘I had unbelievably sensitive teeth, especially in the back upper molars. BioMin has helped tremendously with the pain - I noticed within the first week that I could drink icy cold water no problem.’ The mother of a toddler, who had severe demineralisation following several courses of antibiotics, said: ‘Within a month, his teeth looked amazing.’ She was so impressed with the results that she posted before and after photos of his teeth.

Another satisfied mother stated:‘Within the first 2 weeks of using BioMin F, my young daughter's sensitivity in her hypomineralised teeth has dramatically reduced.’ The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with 130 out of 143 giving BioMin F a five-star rating. The product scored 4.7 out of 5 on taste. One user in Sydney said of BioMin F: ‘This is the best remineralisation toothpaste I have ever used. I love it.’

‘BioMin F will be my only toothpaste from now on,’ said reviewer Amanda P. ‘I have always required toothpaste for sensitive teeth as I have very poor enamel… This toothpaste is fantastic. My teeth feel stronger and I find BioMin F to be superior to any other product I’ve used.’

Comments such as ‘excellent’, ‘great’, ‘amazing’ and ‘unbelievable’ are common, with reviewers commenting on the sensitivity reduction, remineralisation benefits, enjoying the flavour and sense of cleanliness and strength they feel the product gives their teeth. Many parents comment that their children also like the mild mint taste. BioMin F for Kids in strawberry and melon flavoured variants has also been recently launched to appeal to younger children’s palates. Numerous reviewers have highlighted that BioMin F is a great option for those following a vegan diet or are allergic to milk products, and appreciated the company’s attention to environmental considerations.

BioMin C received similarly rave reviews, with 18 out of 20 giving it five stars. ‘It’s been great so far,’ said Madeleine R. ‘I was happy to find a strengthening toothpaste without fluoride. Since using it for a month my teeth feel stronger and possibly brighter. I would recommend it to those wanting a better product than supermarket brands.’

Another reviewer said: ‘I wish I had known about BioMin C earlier. I am truly impressed with it and my teeth and gums feel cleansed and strong. It has certainly helped ease the sensitivity I have experienced in the past. I started using it a few months ago and it has helped prepare my gums for the removal of wisdom teeth. Highly recommended – you won’t look back!’ Les Szabo from LAZARK Medical, the distributors of BioMin in Australia, said: ‘It is humbling to be associated with a product that has benefited so many people. When you read a review or a customer email that says BioMin has had a significant effect on their dental health, it makes all the long hours worthwhile, especially when the customer is a child.’

BioMin toothpastes have received regulatory approval from both the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) in Australia and CE certification in Europe for their efficacy and safety to relieve the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity as well as being recognised through other acclaimed third-party endorsements.

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