26 Feb 21

The BioMin e-Academy, launched last year, is proving a success with users, who find it informative and easy to use, providing flexible learning.

Offering around 20 courses with varied content from clinical articles to webinar recordings on many aspects of oral hygiene, the BioMin e-Academy is free for clinicians to sign up to. It provides certified, non-verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) materials for dental professionals that are compliant with the GDC’s Development Outcomes.

To date, 15,695 minutes of free CPD (that’s over 260 hours or 10.8 days) have been accessed by e-Academy students, with each learner receiving auto-generated certificates for each module or course they complete.

SG, a dental nurse from Yorkshire, has been studying online since the COVID-19 pandemic began and has found the e-Academy invaluable in keeping up her CPD. She has attended a variety of study clubs and online learning platforms and finds the BioMin e-Academy easy and convenient to use.

‘I enjoy reading online,’ she said. ‘I like studying alone, especially now we cannot get together to learn, and I find it convenient. The articles are helpful and interesting’. She uses a tablet for her studying and likes the layout of the resources, as well as the style of presentation, which she finds readable and enjoyable. ‘I can make a cup of tea and sit down with the tablet in my hand to read an article when it suits me,’ she said praising its flexibility. ‘I would recommend the e-Academy to my colleagues.’

South West based dentist AB likes the easy accessibility of the BioMin e-Academy, and finds the resources useful for maintaining his CPD. ‘I would recommend this free learning to colleagues,’ he said.

So far over 650 e-learners have registered with the BioMin e-Academy. If you would like to join them, go to https://biomin.co.uk/e-Academy