24 Mar 22

BioMin Technologies is working with a retired Manchester dentist to send a donation of toothpaste supplies to the people of Ukraine.

Retired Manchester dentist Roman Melnyk is helping to coordinate shipments of essential medical and other supplies to refugees and the front line in Ukraine, and BioMin Technologies has supported his effort with a donation of BioMin C and BioMin F for Kids with a retail value of over £20,000.

Dr Melnyk, who used to practise in Dukinfield, NE Manchester, is of Ukrainian descent and is an active member of his local Ukrainian community near Ashton-under-Lyne. The centre is acting as a hub for coordinating donations of specialist medical equipment and more general humanitarian items such as sleeping bags, warm clothes and toiletries being sent from the UK.

‘I’m in constant contact with my family in Ukraine to find out what’s happening and what they need,’ explained Dr Melnyk. Like their friends and neighbours, his cousins in Ukraine are all pitching in for the war effort. Some are volunteering for the Armed Forces, while others are helping in any way they can such as building anti-tank barriers and making camouflage nets. ‘Our local hub is coordinating shipments from here, as are Ukrainian communities up and down the UK,’ he said.

There are several types of appeal being organised by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, firstly a Go Fund Me appeal that has already raised over £2 million, and then others for more specialist medical kit and major pieces of equipment. Fifty lorry loads of aid are setting off imminently. ‘The money raised will be divided equally between the Ukrainian Red Cross, Caritas and AICM because they know exactly what they need and have the necessary networks set up to distribute it,’ said Dr Melnyk.

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BioMin Technologies is donating almost 3,500 tubes of BioMin F for Kids and BioMin C, with a total retail value of over £20,000. Dr Melnyk said he was overwhelmed by the amount and the speed of the response. ‘It’s a very generous gift and the paediatric toothpaste in particular will be very useful for the refugees as specialist paediatric toothpaste is not readily available in Ukraine,’ he said. ‘A bulk amount like this is very helpful because we know exactly what we can send.’ He was also grateful for the contacts given him by BioMin’s CEO Richard Whatley, who has introduced him to organisations like the British Dental Industry Association who will hopefully also be able to offer additional assistance.

‘Ukrainian people are very proud and are determined to fight for their country, and the Ukrainian communities here in the UK will do our best to support them and look after those that come here,’ he said.

Petro Rewko, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, said: ‘We are extremely grateful for the very generous assistance given by BioMin. Ukrainians have endured many difficult periods in their long history and currently the overwhelmingly generous support given by UK companies, organisations and the general public is helping to mitigate the suffering the Ukrainian people are enduring at what is terrible time in their, and indeed the world’s history.

BioMin’s CEO Richard Whatley said: ‘It is a tragedy that so many lives are being devastated irreparably by this war. Whilst oral hygiene is not their highest priority, it is still very important to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Hopefully this donation will help maintain oral health for some of them, particularly the children caught up in this horror.’

Dr Melnyk is happy to act as a contact for anyone who wants to donate equipment or assist in any way to the Ukrainian cause. His email is rmelnyk44 @ gmail.com

For donations of money, please go to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/helpukraine