31 Jan 22

BioMin Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of BioMin® F, BioMin® C and BioMin® F for Kids has won the prestigious E2 Media Business Award, the latest in a long list of accolades for both the company and its highly innovative products.

Since BioMin Technologies was founded in 2015 it has won a plethora of internationally acclaimed awards, including Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Product Manufacturer in the Global Health and Pharma Awards. The company also received one of GHP’s 2021 Awards of Excellence.

These accolades recognise the company’s already burgeoning reputation not only for the quality of its products but also the honest and ethical way that it operates. As an organisation BioMin invests considerable resources into scientific and clinical research into bioactive glasses for use in oral healthcare, with its products recommended by dental professionals globally.

Since the company’s inception as a start-up out of Queen Mary University of London, it has come a long way. BioMin F, the first product launched, is a toothpaste based on bioactive materials, designed to manage the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity and to remineralise (replenish) damaged or lost tooth enamel. Next came its fluoride-free variant, BioMin C, and then BioMin F for Kids, offering the same outstanding protection as BioMin F but in a child-friendly format and flavours. The product range is continuing to evolve, with new products based on the unique patented BioMin technology due to be launched imminently.

All BioMin’s products have been rigorously tested both in the lab and in clinical settings, and further studies and trials are ongoing in universities and clinics around the world. The toothpastes are available worldwide through a network of licence holders and distributors in over 40 countries.

Central to BioMin Technologies’ values is providing toothpastes with proven therapeutic benefits and improving the quality of life enjoyed by the end users. It’s a competitive market but the clinical efficacy of BioMin’s products means that they have been setting standards in the market that many of their peers can only aspire to achieve. Their products are mainly distributed through dental practices and online with BioMin’s team of dedicated professionals placing a real emphasis on promotion through education and digital platforms to ensure that products are as accessible to as many people as possible.

The high standards set by BioMin Technologies are recognised by the high esteem in which their products are held. BioMin F holds the coveted Oral Health Foundation accreditation for remineralisation and treatment of sensitivity, as well as a CE mark, demonstrating that its claims have been approved through independent scrutiny. In the US BioMin toothpastes have recently earned FDA 510K approval and are marketed under the BioMin Restore brand. In Australia, BioMin F and C are TGA approved and are rated as ‘best toothpaste’ by the independent consumer review site.

The challenge for BioMin’s tight-knit team and distributors now, as its reputation grows and the demand for its innovative products increases, is to maintain the same high standards of product excellence and customer service that have won the company so many admirers and accolades over recent years. It’s certainly an aspiration the company plans to achieve – and you will be hearing the name BioMin increasingly over the coming years.