07 Dec 21

Christmas is the season to be merry and, although we might still not be able to party as we’d like, most of us are hoping to celebrate in some way.

Enjoying good food and a few drinks with friends and family are what it’s all about, but while we’re aware of what that might do to our waistlines once the festivities are over, many of us don’t think too much about what the rich or sweet food or the Christmas fizz might be doing to our dental health. The acids in these foods and drinks begin to soften tooth enamel, which is the start of the tooth decay process.

The good news is that BioMin® F toothpaste is here to help. Trials have shown that brushing with BioMin F is more effective than standard fluoride toothpaste at remineralising or replenishing lost tooth enamel, hardening the surface and laying down mineral to protect the teeth from decay. In addition, BioMin F is proven to reduce dentine hypersensitivity especially sensitivity to hot and cold, which can turn a festive night out into a real pain.

BioMin F is based on a unique bioactive technology, which incorporates not only fluoride but also calcium and phosphate locked into the structure of the toothpaste. Unlike conventional toothpaste, which contains soluble fluoride and is rinsed away soon after brushing, when you brush with BioMin F, the tiny particles stick to the tooth surface where they dissolve gradually over several hours to form fluorapatite (FAP) which closely resembles natural tooth mineral.

BioMin F has a ‘smart’ feature. In the presence of acid in the mouth – after eating a chocolate or a glass of Christmas fizz – these special particles get to work more quickly, dissolving faster to start neutralising the acid and depositing FAP to remineralise and protect your teeth. And, because it stays in the mouth, working for up to 12 hours, BioMin F is ideal for ‘grazers’ – children and those nibbling on Christmas treats over a few hours – as it prevents the acidity levels in the mouth from dipping down constantly to a level which starts to risk demineralisation occurring.

Science Grazing Kids B
Science Grazing Kids Graph

What’s more, FAP is also laid down in the tiny open dentinal tubules which it gradually plugs to prevent the fluid movement that causes dental sensitivity, great for preventing discomfort when enjoying festive treats.

Proving that BioMin F lives up to its claims, the product has a CE mark and is the first toothpaste to achieve the approval of the prestigious Oral Health Foundation for its effectiveness at remineralisation and combating dentine hypersensitivity, confirming that its claims have been fully evaluated by an expert panel.

If you prefer not to use a fluoride toothpaste, BioMin C offers the same protection based on phosphate and calcium – and for the small people in your life who are gorging on the chocolate in their Advent calendars and stockings there’s BioMin F for Kids, strengthening their teeth in child-friendly melon or strawberry flavour.

It’s not tested on animals, is suitable for those on a vegan or halal diet. So if you are looking to give your teeth a Christmas sparkle, pop a tube of BioMin F in your stocking, and feel confident that you are using a tried and tested toothpaste to protect them while you’re having fun.

Yule be glad you did!

PS. As Covid cases continue to rise in the run-up to Christmas, cleaning your teeth before you go out not only freshens your mouth but may also help protect against the virus as the surfactant (foaming agent) kills germs in the same way that soap works on the hands. Remember though, just spit - don’t rinse your mouth after brushing!