23 Nov 19

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. It’s very safe but about 50% of patients suffer sensitivity issues following treatment, according to the British Dental Bleaching Society.

The whitening process causes hypersensitivity because the powerful bleaching chemicals expose the dentinal tubules in the tooth enamel, leaving them open to hot and cold liquids, or cold air. The problem can range from a mild awareness of the teeth to shooting pains, sometimes so severe that the patient cannot continue treatment.

If a patient suffers from sensitivity before whitening, this needs to be treated before the treatment starts, and ideally, all patients should be advised to start using a desensitising toothpaste in advance, to prevent sensitivity occurring.

Dr Anne O’Donnell, a dentist in Mullingar, Ireland, and her hygienist colleague, Donna Paton, President of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association, have had great results from recommending the use of BioMin F before a course of whitening treatment and continuing its use afterward. They now always hand out a sample of BioMin F for the patient to start using ahead of treatment and provide it for continuing use afterward. Patients love the effect and are coming back for more.

‘It’s flying out of the surgery,’ said Donna Paton. ‘We don’t need to “sell” it anymore. We educate patients on how to use the product and it is helping them. They are very pleased to use a specialist product rather than one-off the supermarket shelves’.

Hygienist Sam Davidson, who works in several practices in the south of England, discovered for herself how effective BioMin F was when she experienced sensitivity during a course of whitening treatment. The sensitivity was so intense that she had had to stop the treatment, but after 14 days of using BioMin F, she was able to continue.

‘I now routinely recommend it for patients both before starting whitening and during or following the treatment,’ she said. She immediately applies a small amount of BioMin F to the teeth following whitening and recommends the patient continues to brush with BioMin after they go home, with excellent results.

BioMin F has a biomimetic action, imitating the natural biochemical process in the mouth to deposit fluorapatite which remineralizes tooth enamel and plugs the exposed dentinal tubules. For more information follow…