03 Nov 19

Donna Paton, a dental hygienist based in Mullingar, Ireland, and President of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association, has been using and recommending BioMin F to her patients for around two years.

‘Patients love it, and it is flying out of the doors,’ she said. Donna, and her dentist colleague, Dr Anne O’Donnell, were intrigued by the science behind BioMin F and attracted by the concept of long-lasting slow release of fluoride, providing long-term protection and enamel remineralisation.

Having tried it herself, Donna now recommends BioMin F to patients with a variety of dental problems, specifically dentine hypersensitivity, but she is also seeing benefit to patients with dry mouth problems.

‘It appears to lubricate the teeth better and is more comfortable for them than other toothpastes,’ she said. She routinely applies BioMin F before and after scaling and use of the Airflow, and gives patients a sample to take home and use before and after whitening treatments.

Donna has found that children like the sensation of using BioMin F too. ‘It feels light,’ she said, and patients like the clean feeling it gives them.’ ‘When patients ask me to recommend a toothpaste, I tell them that most are very similar but that BioMin works differently. It gives long-lasting protection and remineralises the enamel,’ she said. ‘They love the feeling of cleanliness it gives, but also the knowledge that it is providing more protection for their teeth.’

Donna stresses the importance of the hygienist’s role in educating patients about their dental health and the use of BioMin F. ‘No other product does what BioMin F does,’ she said. ‘It has all the elements you would want in a toothpaste and it is our duty as hygienists to get the team on board and recommend it to patients to improve their oral health.’

The BioMin Technologies team is looking forward to meeting you all at the IDHA Annual Winter Scientific Conference 2019 on the 8-9 November.

We'll be showcasing our oral care products and discussing how our biomimetic technology strengthens and seals teeth from bacterial invasion. And with its special slow-release protection, it can even work to treat weakened, and early decayed teeth.