05 Oct 20

Álvaro de Marichalar, a renowned Spanish explorer, entrepreneur and aristocrat, is circumnavigating the globe on a 3m long vessel - a water scooter - and protecting his teeth with BioMin F.

It’s 500 years since Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano set sail from Seville on a three-year voyage to circumnavigate the globe.

Magellan perished on the journey, but Elcano brought back just one ship, the VICTORIA, with only 18 heroic survivors, in 1522 – the first completed circumnavigation of the planet.

The explorers set off from Seville on 10 August 1519, to map new lands and extend the world’s frontiers and, to celebrate this historic voyage, on the same date in 2019, Spanish explorer and former fighter pilot Álvaro de Marichalar began retracing their route on his own solo tour of the world. This time, however, Álvaro is sailing the smallest craft ever to attempt the journey – a 3m long water scooter named NUMANCIA – and BioMin Technologies is supplying him with toothpaste for the voyage.

Álvaro has already crossed the Atlantic, making the first landfall on Guadeloupe, followed by several Caribbean islands and finally Miami, but the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted his tour, and he is currently on land in Monaco, waiting to be allowed to continue his record-breaking voyage.

Álvaro, why are you attempting this expedition?

I have four main goals: to honour the brave sailors who participated in the first circumnavigation, and King Charles I of Spain who supported them; to celebrate their achievement and raise awareness of Spanish and Portuguese heritage; to promote European principles and values; and to draw attention to the marine ecosystem which has become endangered due to increasing plastic waste, overfishing and oil spills. One of the purposes of my expedition is to film and show people the reality of what I see. I lecture and film documentaries about the need to respect nature and the sea.

What other aims do you have?

I would like to inspire others to be focused, persistent, and driven in pursuit of their passions and goals; to promote peace and unity between nations and cultures of the world, foster a spirit of exploration, sport and a healthy lifestyle, uncover and report human trafficking, and set a new world record for solo circumnavigating the globe aboard the smallest vessel ever. However, it’s not just about records – for me, it’s about trying one’s best with honesty and integrity.

How do you keep healthy onboard the boat?

Excluding the transatlantic lap, I always travel alone without any support vessel. So I aim to sleep on land when I can, which enables me to refuel, eat, and get anything I need to be fixed. I am also used to sleeping while drifting aboard my tiny vessel whenever required. Across the Atlantic, I could rest aboard a support boat following me from Gibraltar to Guadeloupe, but I try to find the healthiest food I can while I am ashore and take that with me. That can be a challenge in developing countries! But I try to avoid all processed food, sticking to fresh fruit and vegetables, and I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, or take sugar. On an expedition you just try to survive as best you can.

How about your dental health?

Teeth could be a weak part of the body, although I don’t have any particular problems with mine, thanks to my genes and a healthy diet. I try to take care as far as possible and get any necessary treatment while I am on land.

How do you manage an oral hygiene routine while on an expedition?

While I am ashore, just as normal, but if I am at sea I clean my teeth with seawater three times a day, which seems to work well with BioMin F. And don’t forget, seawater has magic properties! As you know, BioMin F works on a slow-release principle, which enables it to protect the teeth continuously over up to 12 hours.

Do you feel this could be advantageous to someone on a long-distance expedition such as yourself?

It’s not always easy, but I manage to brush my teeth between three and five times a day, even in the most remote places and difficult situations. The long-lasting effect provided by BioMin F gives me added confidence that my teeth are protected even in extreme conditions and far away from any dentist’s surgery – and I certainly don’t want my expedition interrupted by dental problems!

What else do you like about BioMin F?

I appreciate its eco and vegan credentials, that it is not tested on animals and contains no animal products. When I use BioMin F I feel confident in using a healthy product.

Where do you go from here?

When I start again, hopefully in October/November, I will set sail from Miami, via Texas, Mexico, and Central America, through the Panama Canal, up the west coast of the USA to Alaska, then cross to Kamchatka, Russia, to Japan and continue on sailing all along Asia, and back through the Mediterranean to Europe, finishing back up in Spain hopefully in 2022.

BioMin Technologies has supplied Álvaro with a box of eight tubes of BioMin F toothpaste, which will be enough to take him right round to Newport Beach Southern California where he can be restocked by our partner Dr. Collins - based very close by in Irvine. With BioMin suppliers now located all around the world, he can get stocks from KangWang when he reaches SE China (Guangdong province) and then finally in India from GroupPharma. If necessary, also in Dubai from AMD before the last leg home. BioMin too has circumnavigated the globe!

Once Álvaro is able to set sail again, we will be checking in on his progress, both with his world record beating adventure and with his experience of using BioMin F.