22 Nov 23
Dental professionals should not shy away from straight talking when it comes to oral cancer prevention, says Stroud-based dental hygienist Joss Harding. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a lesser-known cause of mouth cancer – awareness of this and vaccination against it could have a huge impact on reducing the incidence of the disease.
26 Oct 23
There’s no point having beautiful straight dentition if the teeth have permanent scarring from white spot lesions, says orthodontist Ariane Sampson. She insists that her patients are diligent with their oral hygiene – and believes that BioMin F has an important role to play in remineralising any early damage.
27 Sep 23
People with learning difficulties/special educational needs are often at extra risk of dental problems due to a lack of understanding on their part and poor communication by carers or dental professionals.
24 Aug 23
Shop-bought toothpastes generally contain fluoride at a concentration of 1450 parts per million (ppm), while prescription toothpastes can contain up to 5000ppm. We look at why these concentrations matter – and why it’s actually the way it’s delivered, not the concentration, that really counts.
25 Jul 23
BioMin® F for Kids can help you protect your children’s teeth this summer – strengthening the enamel so they can safely enjoy their sweet holiday treats.
20 Jun 23
BioMin® F is a new generation of bioactive glass specifically optimised as a toothpaste additive. It features significant improvements on previous generations, such as NovaMin, the active ingredient in many leading sensitivity relieving brands.
10 May 23
London dentist Victoria Sampson outlines her dream for The Health Society – a totally new type of dental practice bringing oral care together with wider health issues.
12 Apr 23
We are always being asked: what makes BioMin® F different from other toothpastes? Clinical trials have shown it to be more effective than other toothpastes – both for reducing the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity and for remineralising damaged and worn tooth enamel.
09 Mar 23
Prem Sehmi, CEO of Boutique Whitening, explains why he chose to include BioMin® in his whitening protocol, and offer it as part of the Boutique range.
12 Feb 23
The state of children’s oral health has been described as a ‘national disgrace’. Here’s how BioMin® F for Kids can help you to take the best care of your children’s teeth.
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