22 Jan 18
If you’re expecting, your dentist or doctor may have advised you how – and how important it is – to keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy. You may have even read our blog post on the topic here . But two things you might not realise are that your oral health can actually affect the outcome of your birth… and that your caries, or cavity-causing bacteria, can be passed onto your baby. The good news is, there are simple steps you can take to protect both your teeth and your bundle of joy. Boost your oral health and reduce your risk It’s a little-known fact that studies have found associations...
09 May 17
Are you thinking about starting a family, or growing your existing brood? Have you just found out you’re expecting? Either way, congratulations – this is an exciting time, and one you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. We’re sure you also know it’s a vital time to look after yourself.
09 May 17
Everyone’s day starts a little differently, but hopefully yours incorporates a thorough dental care regime. That means brushing your teeth for two minutes. Oh… and doing so before you eat breakfast.
04 Apr 17
Your children are undoubtedly the most important part of your life – which is why you dedicate yourself to keeping them happy and healthy. But alarming new figures show that there’s a critical area we may be unintentionally neglecting as we care for our kids: their teeth.
17 Mar 17
BioMin Technologies co-founder Professor Robert Hill, from the Dental Institute at Queen Mary University of London and his team will be both attending and presenting.
17 Mar 17
The largest international dental show, the IDS in Cologne, will open its doors again. From 21 to 25 March 2017, the IDS is the meeting point for the dental sector and offers the opportunity to find out more about the latest innovations and products.
30 Jan 17
A new licensing agreement signed between BioMin Technologies and Dr Collins has paved the way for BioMin™ containing toothpastes to be launched in the United States later this year.
24 Jan 17
BioMin Technologies Limited are pleased to be exhibiting at the AEEDC Dubai exhibition in February. The AEEDC exhibition held at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (7-9th February) provides a unique platform to all leading manufacturers and new comers in the dental world for launching their latest innovations and technologies. The BioMin Technologies Limited’s stand will be located within the British Pavilion on stand 4A 04 at the AEEDC Dental Exhibition. All visitors to the BioMin stand will receive a sample of BioMinF toothpaste. We will be showcasing the BioMinF...
06 Jan 17
Enamel plays a very important role in protecting teeth from decay and sensitivity, it is important to protect it from erosion. Enamel forms a strong barrier that shields the dentine layers of teeth from the effects of acids and plaque and protects against sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.
30 Dec 16
The health of your teeth is fundamental to your quality of life. If you look after them properly it is possible to still have a full set of teeth into your nineties. To achieve this you need to have good oral hygiene all the way from childhood through to old age and also visit your dentist regularly.