17 Jun 21
The COVID-19 pandemic has made patients take responsibility for their own oral health, and opens a door to a conversation about the link between perio disease and systemic illness, says Dr Victoria Sampson ‘Weirdly, the COVID pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for dental professionals’. This was the surprising view of London dental practitioner Dr Victoria Sampson, speaking at BioMin’s expert panel session at the recent Oral Health Summit. Because patients have been unable to visit their dentist for checkups, or get their teeth professionally cleaned by the hygienist during lockdown...
10 Jun 21
The technology behind BioMin® F toothpaste is radically different from that in conventional toothpastes based on soluble fluoride, and the guidelines that apply to them are simply not relevant to BioMin F. So says one of its developers, Professor Robert Hill, a materials scientist at Queen Mary University London, who has spent many years researching and developing the bioactive glass technology that underpins BioMin F. Professor Hill was speaking at BioMin’s expert panel webinar at the recent Oral Health Summit, where he and an impressive panel of clinicians gave their insights into best...
03 Jun 21
To mark the Oral Health Foundation’s Smile Month, with its focus on good brushing, 2 June heralds The Great British Brushathon National Smile Month takes place every year, and is currently running from Monday 17 May to Thursday 17 June. During the month, the Foundation puts on a range of events, information and competitions to raise awareness of oral health issues, and the Great British Brushathon aims to connect people from all around the world in a giant communal brushing event. People are being asked to take a selfie or video while brushing their teeth, and post it on their social media to...
28 May 21
We report from the BioMin expert panel session at the Oral Health Summit, where our specialists discussed best practice and shared their insights as to how optimised oral hygiene can be a win-win for patient and practice. Maintaining patients’ optimal oral hygiene – especially in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic – means a win-win for the patient, the clinician and the practice. This belief was shared by an eminent panel of specialists which formed BioMin’s presentation at the Oral Health Summit, organised to mark the Oral Health Foundation’s National Smile Month. BioMin’s impressive line-up...
12 May 21
Endurance athletes are at particular risk of dental problems due to their intensive training and their diet. In a special mini-series about sport and dental health, Manon Testou talks to top cyclist Rudy Molard about the oral hygiene regime that keeps his mouth healthy
07 May 21
It’s no longer about the clinician being the expert, says hygienist and coach Siobhan Kelleher. Nowadays a coaching approach, involving the patient fully, is the way to change behaviour and improve the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity.
23 Apr 21
Periodontal treatment is very predictable, but some of its consequences, such as sensitivity, are not, and the whole team needs to be on board from the outset to tackle this, says Dr Reena Wadia
09 Apr 21
There’s more to managing dentine hypersensitivity than just procedures and products, says perio expert Dr David Gillam
08 Apr 21
Many people, especially younger age groups, believe that vaping or shisha smoking is less damaging than smoking cigarettes – they’re wrong. In fact just an hour of shisha smoking is the equivalent of smoking 100 cigarettes.
24 Mar 21
We report from the BioMin expert panel session at the Online Dentistry Show, where key opinion leaders shared their advice on the management of dentine hypersensitivity.
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