26 Feb 21
Clinicians say they find the BioMin e-Academy informative and convenient to use.
22 Feb 21
A new study has shown that patients with COVID-19 who suffer from gum disease seem to be more likely to develop severe complications – and may be up to 9 times more at risk of dying than those without perio problems.
19 Jan 21
Until I discovered BioMin F I had not found any product that consistently relieved the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity, says Dr Stefano Daniele.
13 Jan 21
BioMin® F is more than just a toothpaste – its clinical advantages mean it’s a therapy, say dental clinicians
05 Jan 21
Yorkshire dental hygienist Gill (Wallis) Cliffe believes that being able to recommend BioMin® F covers all bases and all demographics.
04 Jan 21
Once the cause of a dental problem is recognised, dental hygienist Gitana Rėderienė addresses it with products that are innovative, scientifically proven and unique – like BioMin F.
23 Dec 20
Hygienist Donna Paton discusses how she explains the issue of dentine hypersensitivity to patients – and why she feels BioMin® F is such a versatile product.
10 Dec 20
Dentists tend to generalise when treating patients with dentine hypersensitivity, but they all have their own needs and concerns, and should be treated individually, argues Dr David Gillam.
04 Dec 20
A live poll taken during BioMin’s recent webinar on dentine hypersensitivity showed that participants believed that as many as 60% of their patients suffered from the condition – and many are not confident in managing it.
30 Nov 20
An international panel of clinicians shared their expertise at BioMin’s recent webinar.
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