14 Aug 20
‘We have a unique opportunity arising out of the COVID-19 crisis to move things forward, put prevention centre on the agenda, both for the public and for the practitioners themselves, and to change towards a preventive and outcomes-related model, rather than the output-related model that they’ve had in the past.’
10 Aug 20
Dr Swati Nehete introduced BioMin® F to a huge online audience from 63 countries worldwide.
07 Aug 20
Inequality is the highest risk factor both for infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and for non-communicable diseases such as dental decay – and that has to be the focus of dental public health initiatives.
30 Jul 20
Water fluoridation is back on the government’s agenda – and it’s being strongly promoted by practising dentist and MP for Mole Valley, Surrey, Sir Paul Beresford. Together with Professor Mike Lennon of the British Fluoridation Society, Sir Paul has met with Health Secretary Matt Hancock to campaign to get fluoride introduced more widely into the water supply.
29 Jul 20
BioMin® toothpastes are medical devices and hold a CE mark, awarded by an independent Notified Body. What does the CE marking mean for the consumer?
21 Jul 20
Dental surgeries have been closed due to the pandemic, and even though restrictions are lifting, most are offering only a limited service. It’s therefore essential for new parents to take especially good care of their own oral health as well as that of their children.
13 Jul 20
Dental teams have a major role to play in promoting oral care in the pandemic, say top dental experts
11 Jul 20
BioMin® F and BioMin® C have been voted by Australian consumers as the top two toothpastes on the respected Australian consumer opinion site www.productreview.com.au
28 Jun 20
The statistics for children’s oral health remain shocking. BioMin assembled a panel of top experts to present a webinar on the issue and possible ways forward.
18 Jun 20
A dental hygiene and therapy student is giving her time in lockdown to deliver supplies of oral hygiene products to vulnerable groups.
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