23 Nov 19
Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures today. It’s very safe but about 50% of patients suffer sensitivity issues following treatment, according to the British Dental Bleaching Society.
22 Nov 19
A professional wine taster is successfully using BioMin F to resolve her excruciating dentine hypersensitivity.
22 Nov 19
BioMin F is formulated in a different way from conventional toothpastes containing soluble fluoride. Instead, the particles of BioMin F bind to the tooth surfaces and dissolve slowly over several hours, releasing fluoride, calcium and phosphate, and laying down fluorapatite to mimic the formation of natural tooth mineral.
03 Nov 19
Ahead of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association conference in Limerick, IDHA President Donna Paton talks about her experience of recommending BioMin F to her patients and using it in the surgery.
30 Oct 19
A clinical trial carried out in Italy confirms that twice-daily brushing with BioMin F reduces dentine hypersensitivity more effectively than conventional ‘sensitivity’ toothpaste.
28 Oct 19
Scaling treatment commonly causes dentine hypersensitivity (DH), a problem that hygienists see in the surgery all too often. Some patients experience short-term discomfort, while others find the procedure unbearable. Find out how BioMin toothpaste could help.
27 Sep 18
Joss Harding of Confident Dental Care found the information and products for helping patients (with their mouths) during Cancer treatment were available but very difficult to find.
18 Sep 18
"We have been using and recommending BioMin F toothpaste for just under a year. We both use it ourselves and like it, and Donna’s children like it because of the taste and the way it makes their teeth feel." Dr Anne O’Donnell
11 Sep 18
"BioMin F provides the optimum concentration for the benefit – you don’t need any more than that – and I like that it adheres to the tooth to be slowly released." Dr Nigel Slattery, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancs
10 Sep 18
"I read the BioMin information and was impressed by the science behind it, the bioactive glass and the slow release concept, as well as the physical barrier provided by the product." Dr Rash Patel, London
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