How does BioMin® F work?

The fine bioactive glass particles of BioMin® F adhere to the surface of the tooth upon brushing.

These bioactive glass particles stick to the tooth surface in a similar manner to that of glass ionomer cements which are widely used in restorative dentistry by dentists.

The particles of BioMin® F are designed to be small enough to enter and occlude the dentine tubules. Here the saliva is able to slowly breakdown the glass matrix releasing Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride ions that combine together and are precipitated over the tooth surfaces as Fluorapatite. Replicating the natural biological mineralisation process.

Tubule Occlusion before and after brushing with BioMin™ F.




Image taken by Dr. Allesia D'Onofrio. Copyright BioMin.


The images above show the tubule occlusion before (left) and after (right) brushing with BioMin® F.


This process happens around the neck of exposed dentine tubules and can carry on for up to 12 hours, providing continuous protection to the tooth surfaces.


Care should be taken not to rinse the mouth immediately after brushing since the adhesion process will be impaired. Read more about how to brush with BioMin® toothpaste products.