Professional Testimonials

Beverley Watson

‘The effect was amazing’

Beverley Watson, Dental Hygienist, Dubai

I have been an advocate of fluoride free for some time, after completing a 10-unit Biological Dental Hygiene course, so I was sceptical of trying BioMin F, even though it has a lower fluoride content than many therapeutic brands.

However, I read the literature about its remineralisation and sensitivity action and accepted a sample at a conference.

A patient came in with severe recession – very sensitive and very nervous - and I needed to do a really thorough clean ahead of her dental procedure.

My GBT (guided biofilm therapy) protocol, using Airflow, is one of the most technologically advanced and gentle, and normally even sensitive patients can tolerate it. However, I could hardly get near her mouth due to her sensitivity level, so I thought: what do I have to lose?

I took my BioMin F sample and, using the slow handpiece, I very gently polished around all the dentine exposed surfaces and flossed in between the teeth with it.

The effect was instant and amazing. I was blown away, as was the patient, who was expecting a lot of pain, and hadn’t experienced any sensitivity at all.

I followed up with her the next day and she experienced no pain or sensitivity. She said her teeth had never felt so thoroughly cleaned. I sent her a link to buy the BioMin toothpaste for home care which she ordered immediately.

I use BioMin F regularly now for patients with recession, before and after whitening procedures, and recommend they buy it for use at home.

I’m a believer now too, and I like the fact it is low in fluoride. I and my family all use it.

BioMin C is useful for those patients who want no fluoride at all, and it is handy that the products are now available on Amazon for patients to order for themselves.


‘It’s great to have an effective fluoride-free alternative’

Juliette Reeves, Dental Hygienist, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London

Many of my patients prefer to be treated holistically, and tend to be reluctant to use high fluoride pastes. BioMin F is perfect because it offers better protection with less fluoride. I also have patients who do not wish to use fluoride toothpaste, and it’s great to have an effective fluoride-free option with BioMin C.

Previously, there wasn’t an effective toothpaste without fluoride, so having a really good alternative to offer these patients is great. I see several direct access patients, and it’s perfect to be able to recommend BioMin F to those patients needing extra protection, which is available without prescription.

Hilary Browne

‘I’m a believer!’

Hilary Browne, dental hygienist, Dubai

Although I am a dental professional, I have always dreaded getting my teeth whitened because I invariably experience sensitivity. However, having used BioMin C for a while, the last time I had a whitening treatment I did not have a single twinge. Zero sensitivity for the first time ever. It was amazing.

I’ve been aware of BioMin for a few years, and as a practitioner of holistic dental hygiene, I personally use and usually recommend BioMin C, which has the advantages of BioMin F but without fluoride. I recommend the product to all patients suffering from sensitivity, especially those with recession or damaged enamel. Our clinic carries out a great deal of preventive and aesthetic treatment, and I advise patients undergoing whitening or periodontal procedures to use BioMin ahead of and following treatment. Due to the fast pace of life and business in Dubai, many of our patients suffer from sensitivity due to bruxism. I find BioMin very helpful in these cases.

I am so pleased that in BioMin C there is now an effective toothpaste available that does not contain fluoride. It’s important to listen to patients who express a wish not to use fluoride, and to be able to offer them an alternative that effectively remineralises and prevents sensitivity.

I recently heard that some hygienists apply BioMin topically before carrying out scaling, so I tried it out on a patient who I know to suffer from acute sensitivity during the procedure, due to recession and abrasion. I applied BioMin F ahead of scaling and she said she never felt a thing. In a busy clinic I forgot to apply it for another patient – and he jumped with pain. I hastily applied BioMin C and continued the treatment, on the same tooth and with the same intensity – and the patient said he felt nothing. He could hardly believe I had carried out the treatment in that sensitive area.

A third had dramatic recession which has been restored with composite fillings, but she was still extremely sensitive to air being blown on her teeth. I applied BioMin C topically and immediately carried out the cleaning procedure. The effect was instantaneous – she said it was the best clean, with no discomfort, that she had ever had.

That’s not just chance, and I’ll carry on using BioMin in the clinic. I’m a believer!

Louisa Clarke

‘An ideal toothpaste for everyone’

Louisa Clarke MSc, dental hygienist, Greenwich

I and all my family have been using BioMin F since around 2015/2016. In the practice I was working in at the time, we recognised its value early on, and recommended BioMin to all patients, especially those suffering from sensitivity and tooth surface loss, but also to those undergoing orthodontic treatment, periodontal therapy or whitening treatments. As soon as the orthodontic brackets were bonded, these patients were asked to use BioMin, while other patients were recommended to start using it ahead of treatment to avoid sensitivity, and to continue during and after the treatment was complete.

At my current practice I recommend BioMin F to all my patients for long-term use, explaining the need to allow it to work over the 12-hour period, and to continue using it over time to get the best effect. Patients with sensitivity report that their symptoms are reduced or gone, and although those on orthodontic or other treatment may not notice the benefits, other than liking the mild minty taste, I can see white spot lesions remineralising, and incipient caries, especially interproximally, halted.

Previously, I would not have recommended toothpastes containing less than 1450ppm fluoride, or that contained SLS. Having studied the chemistry underpinning BioMin’s action, however, I am now convinced that its slow-release formulation, with the lower concentrations, is more effective.

More recently, I have found some patients want to avoid fluoride in toothpaste. It is invaluable to their oral health to be able to recommend BioMin C toothpaste, a toothpaste without fluoride that contains other ingredients that also aid remineralisation of the teeth.

I think BioMin is an ideal toothpaste for everyone.


‘I used it successfully on my own teeth!’

Dr Linda Greenwall, specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, London

We recommend BioMin F in the practice for a wide variety of patients: the elderly, those with sensitivity issues, poor oral hygiene and complex medical histories. Those with dental erosion benefit particularly, and we use it within our practice protocols for managing sensitivity during whitening procedures. I can recommend BioMin F with confidence because I have used it on my own teeth. I had a broken filling which was sensitive, and BioMin F was effective in calming down the sensitivity.

Ferranti Wong

'BioMin F replenishes defective mineral and relieves sensitivity in MIH patients'

Professor Ferranti Wong, Professor of Paediatric Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London

Children suffering from MIH (molar incisor hypomineralisation) are referred to me by their dentists who have recommended mainstream sensitivity toothpastes without success.

I have recommended BioMin F and it has improved the sensitivity of these children’s teeth when other products did not work. Ideally, we need the defective mineral in MIH to be replenished.

BioMin F creates an environment where the calcium, phosphate and fluoride work with the saliva to remineralise the defective enamel by forming fluorapatite, the mineral component of enamel. This blocks the communicative channels and protects the teeth from sensitivity. It’s also a smart material – meaning that when the child has an acidic drink, for example apple juice, the BioMin F releases its components faster to reduce the acidity and protect the teeth.

I would like to see clinical trials to establish whether BioMin F is more effective than other toothpastes at reducing the sensitivity associated with MIH.

As a paediatric dentist, I don’t see many adults with dentine hypersensitivity, but I recommended it to a friend with recession – and it worked!

I am very excited by the potential of new filling materials based on BioMin’s smart controlled release technology. These have the ability to release the basic components for remineralisation of residual/recurrent caries lesions and strengthen the area around the filling. These materials will be of great benefit to patients in both prevention and self-repair of fillings.


‘I love the concept of BioMin’s clinically proven slow release protection’

Judy Caesley, Dental Hygiene and Therapy Tutor and Ikigai Educator, Bristol

I found out about BioMin about five years ago at a dental show. I didn’t try it myself immediately as I wanted to read up on it first. I was impressed by the scientific nature of the information on the website, and the evidence base behind the product.

As a dental hygienist who has always brushed thoroughly I suffer from sensitivity and my “go to” toothpaste had been Sensodyne Repair and Protect. Because I take apple cider vinegar for rheumatoid arthritis, I started using BioMin primarily to protect against acid erosion, but within two weeks found that it had helped reduce my sensitivity, and I had no reaction to the SLS ingredient in the toothpaste.

To test it, I stopped using it for a short while and my sensitivity returned. I now always use it; and when I didn’t use it on a recent trip away, I knew I needed to restart it when I got home. I gave my students samples to try and they were impressed too. When I lecture, I always refer to BioMin when appropriate and urge people to read up on it themselves and make their own decision about the science behind the product and its evidence base. A friend who has suffered from dentine hypersensitivity for a long time, and had tried other sensitivity toothpastes without success, sampled BioMin F on my recommendation and within two days felt that it was resolving

He is now a convert. I am convinced by BioMin F. Because it is low foaming and has a blander taste than many other toothpastes, it does not give a false impression of cleanliness. I advise my patients that they need to brush thoroughly in all the ‘nooks and crannies’ to ensure maximum effect. I actually think it makes them brush better.

I love the concept of BioMin’s slow release protection. It’s clinically proven but also gentle on the mouth, especially for people suffering from dry mouth problems, for example those on chemotherapy. For patients who are anti-fluoride, BioMin C provides a great alternative.

I believe that as a profession we have a duty to make ourselves familiar with new and innovative products like BioMin before recommending them to patients. BioMin is different from anything else and I get longer protection by using it.

Jo Vaughan

‘You know if you recommend BioMin F it’s going to work’

Jo Vaughan, hygienist, Cirencester, Glos, and Ambassador & Study Club Director for ITIDHT UK & Ireland

I have been recommending BioMin for a long time, and find it great, especially for patients with acid reflux or vomiting due to pregnancy, bulimia, etc, where palatal erosion can lead to sensitivity.

I first learned about it at an exhibition at the BSDHT conference in Cardiff, and have been recommending it to patients ever since. It does ‘what it says on the tin’, and you know if you recommend it to a patient it’s going to work. For patients who don’t want fluoride, it’s good to be able to offer the option of BioMin C, which protects without fluoride.

I don’t suffer from sensitivity myself so I have no personal experience of it working, but my patients say it does. BioMin is amazing. It’s such good stuff!

Dr Amit Patel

BioMin F restores the acid/alkali balance in the mouth and improves sensitivity significantly

Dr Amit Patel, specialist in periodontics and implants, Birmingham

All my patients are taught to clean their teeth well – and even through the lockdowns their oral health has been really good. If their gums are stable, the sensitivity will resolve, but it takes time as the deposition from the calcium and phosphates from the saliva takes place.

By using a toothpaste like BioMin F, which contains these ingredients, it restores the acid/alkali balance in the mouth, gives you a higher concentration and improves the sensitivity significantly.

Before commencing periodontal treatment, I warn patients that they are likely to experience sensitivity from the treatment, due to their gum recession. They are shown how to clean their teeth efficiently and effectively, we discuss the benefits of desensitising toothpaste and, most importantly, we show them how to clean between their teeth.

Ahead of the treatment, I get all my patients to apply a small amount of desensitising toothpaste to a small interdental brush every night interproximally. They should just apply it and leave it overnight.

I tell them that they need to carry on cleaning like that forever. If they do that I find that when I use my ultrasonic they don’t experience any sensitivity.

Ariane Sampson

BioMin®: an important tool in your oral hygiene toolbox

Dr Ariane Sampson, orthodontist, London

I recommend BioMin F to give my patients extra protection. By promoting a toothpaste like BioMin® F, which is really good for reducing the risk of white spot lesions, we finish up with a nicer result, and we don’t have to take the braces off early due to poor oral hygiene. Using a toothpaste that’s remineralising, like BioMin, is really useful for us to make sure that we provide the best quality results in the healthiest possible way. It’s important to have this tool in your toolbox.

Many children and young people find adult toothpastes too ‘spicy’, which makes them reluctant to transition to them. BioMin is milder, and they prefer the taste of it. This also applies to people with autism, who are acutely sensitive to taste.

Since returning from the pandemic, when people have had less supervision and long intervals between visits, we have had to reassess our patients’ oral hygiene and provide advice to reduce early signs of demineralisation. BioMin has really helped with that as we have been recommending it to improve the appearance of demineralisation and to prevent it developing in children who may have struggled with oral hygiene over this period.

There’s no point in embarking on orthodontic treatment if we are going to leave the teeth in a less healthy way than when we began. BioMin really helps with that.

Diane Rochford

BioMin helps improve patients’ quality of life

Diane Rochford, dental hygienist, London, and current President of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy

Achieving optimal oral health is our goal for our patients all the time, so we look for really good quality products. I have been recommending BioMin for patients with dentine hypersensitivity for some time. We like the science behind the bioactive glass’s slow release mechanism, releasing not only fluoride ions but the calcium and phosphate that help with the formation of mineral, blocking the dentinal tubules and preventing sensitivity.

We also use BioMin as part of our protocols for managing sensitivity during whitening, as we know patients will experience some degree of sensitivity.

BioMin helps improve our patients’ quality of life, enabling them to enjoy their food and daily lifestyle. Having the opportunity to try products with our patients and get their feedback encourages us to keep working with them and recommending them as we get more information. I recommend BioMin F often to patients with dentine sensitivity, with erosive tooth wear and during whitening. It fits in with lots of different aspects of oral healthcare.

Reena Wadia

We apply BioMin F at the end of every appointment

Dr Reena Wadia, Harley Street periodontal practitioner and associate specialist at King’s College Hospital

The management of sensitivity is a joint effort, and all my team know their role. At the end of every appointment, regardless of whether it is treatment or maintenance, we always apply BioMin F. By applying BioMin F we are essentially occluding the tubules, and so far we’ve had fantastic feedback from all our patients.

BioMin F is also applied mid-treatment and at follow-up. That protocol works really well for us. It significantly helps with sensitivity and patients really feel you are taking that extra step for them. They notice it and appreciate it.

We have offered patients a choice of flavours, and have found that patients especially like the fresh melon flavour of BioMin F for Kids.

Gill Wallis Cliffe

BioMin is a product that we can stock and which supports our professionalism

Gill Wallis Cliffe, dental hygienist and opinion leader, Leeds, Yorkshire

I have been using and recommending BioMin® F since I came across it by chance in 2016. It is one of the best discoveries I have made.

The science behind BioMin F is compelling and wonderful. Who would have thought that a bone substitute within bioglass could be optimised in a toothpaste, dissolving quickly to raise the pH in the mouth, occluding the dentinal tubules and providing relief against sensitivity?

It protects for up to 12 hours against acid attack and helps to encourage remineralisation. You have to assess and treat every patient as an individual, but once you’ve identified the cause of the hypersensitivity, to be able to recommend a product that is going to work really well, and cover every angle, is great. For patients with erosion, attrition, abrasion, bruxism, previously we used to have to work out what the problem was, and find a product to fit. BioMin F – which is fantastic - covers all bases.

BioMin F has been revolutionary in supporting patients, especially with erosion, periodontal problems and xerostomia caused by multimedication, including antidepressants and oncology drugs, and we have seen some really good results. The evidence base is there; with BioMin we are fitting all demographics across the board.

The way I feel about it is that we have a product here that we can stock, support as a professional product and it supports our professionalism. I would encourage clinicians to stock BioMin F in their practice. Giving patients access to it is phenomenal.


Pleasant – and most importantly, very effective

Gitana Rėderienė, President of the Lithuanian Dental Hygienists’ Association, and practising dental hygienist

As a specialist, it is important for me that a product is innovative, scientifically proven and unique, which is why I was initially attracted to BioMin® F. I have had the best experience with it, and so do my patients, who report that it really works. As well as being a very pleasant toothpaste, more importantly it helps them to fight sensitivity and decay, and enables them to have much stronger, whiter enamel.

I recommend BioMin F toothpaste to most of my patients – especially those who have dentine hypersensitivity, tooth wear, white spot lesions or enamel erosion, as well as those with orthodontic appliances.

I also recommend it to periodontal patients, where gum recession may also lead to damage to the tooth enamel. With BioMin F the tooth surface is protected against acid attack, as well as preventing patients from developing dentine hypersensitivity.

BioMin Testimonial - Tamsyn

I will definitely be recommending it to my patients with sensitivity

Tamsyn McKenna, Dental nurse and oral health educator; student dental hygienist and therapist, Teesside University

I first heard about BioMin® F at a dental show where I was given samples and an introduction to the product.

I now use it myself and I am very impressed with its properties and its ability both to remineralise lost enamel and relieve the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity.

Since using it myself I will definitely be recommending it to my patients with sensitivity, especially those who have developed problems due to overzealous brushing.

I am also impressed with BioMin® C, which is a great product for those who don’t want a toothpaste that contains fluoride, and I would recommend it as an option alongside BioMin F.


It's a testament that I'm happy to use it on my children

Victoria Wilson, Dental hygienist, dental therapist, dental speaker, and key opinion leader; founder of Smile Revolution

I first learned about BioMin® F at the BSDHT conference in Wales where I spoke to the BioMin staff on their stand.

I was very interested in the science behind it and wanted to research it more. Since then I have recorded a podcast about BioMin F on Smile Revolution, a podcast that supports advancement in the dental profession. From what I know of BioMin F, I strongly believe this toothpaste has the potential to play a significant role in helping to reduce the risk of dental caries.

Although I am currently not in practice as I have a young family, I use it myself and, since BioMin F for Kids became available, I use it on my children, which is a testament to my belief in the product.

BioMin’s capacity to stay in the mouth, protecting and remineralising teeth, for up to 12 hours, is unique, and I believe it potentially has the ability to really have an impact on the public’s oral health.


I absolutely love BioMin®

Dr Victoria Sampson, Associate Dentist in London West End and North London

I absolutely love BioMin. I encourage all my patients to use it – whether they have sensitivity, are at risk of decay, or just want a good general toothpaste. It’s brilliant, feels nice and tastes nice, and has so many added benefits. I believe that dentists should believe in everything they recommend and use it themselves. By recommending a toothpaste I strongly believe in and I know patients will benefit from means I can maintain and build their trust.’

Before I graduated from Bart’s and the London Hospital, I had heard from tutors that BioMin® was being developed and produced at Queen Mary University, and I was fascinated by the biochemistry of it.

Therefore, when I became an associate and noticed that my patients were experiencing increasing sensitivity and erosion, I looked into BioMin in more detail. In practice, I perform a lot of whitening and needed a solution for sensitivity. I particularly enjoy carrying out whitening for patients with severe discoloration, for example due to tetracycline staining or fluorosis.

These patients often require whitening over a long period of time, which can cause severe sensitivity. I now recommend that these patients in particular use BioMin F before, during, and after whitening to help with their sensitivity. Following the great feedback I got from patients, I decided to make the shift to BioMin F too, having suffered from general sensitivity for years. Before using BioMin F, I could not eat ice cream let alone whiten my teeth!

I have now been using BioMin F for a few months and have noticed a big decrease in sensitivity. My family and I are now loyal users. I also now recommend any of my patients who present with erosion, to also use BioMin F. Using a toothpaste that remineralises the enamel and enables a slow release of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions, not only improves the mineral content of the enamel but also makes the enamel more acid-resistant. BioMin F is essentially prevention and a cure in one for erosion patients. Since recommending this, I have noticed my patients’ teeth look visibly stronger.

The novel biochemistry of BioMin is revolutionary in my opinion, providing a reliable solution for my erosion and sensitivity patients.


BioMin® F will become the gold standard treatment for dentine hypersensitivity

Dr Stefano Daniele, dentist and university tutor, Milan

I started using BioMin® F when I obtained samples from the company, and recommended it for patients suffering from dentine hypersensitivity (DH).

The initial results were great, so my colleague and I carried out a small trial to confirm our findings. This was published in Dental Tribune. We gave BioMin F to our patients, asking them to brush twice daily with the product for two weeks, and received 29 evaluations. In addition to questions about the taste, texture and foaming effect, we asked them if they had noted any change in their DH symptoms.

Over half reported an improvement, with 8 saying the problem had completely resolved. None felt their symptoms had worsened. A total of 19 said that BioMin F was more effective than the sensitivity toothpaste they had used previously. (view study)

One case was particularly striking – a lady who became ill with vomiting and gastric acid reflux during the trial and naturally was concerned that this would bring back her dentine hypersensitivity. In fact, the benefit of using BioMin F was retained, illustrating that acid-resistant fluorapatite crystals had formed to biomimetically remineralise the tooth enamel and protect against DH.

My patients return and want to buy BioMin F again. All are noting improvement in their DH symptoms and some have complete resolution. I think once more dental colleagues become aware of the features and benefits of BioMin F it will be widely used. I strongly believe in the product and the technology behind it. I think BioMin F will become the gold standard treatment for dentine hypersensitivity.


Patients love the long-lasting protection of BioMin® F

Donna Paton, a dental hygienist based in Mullingar, Ireland, and President of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association

Patients love it, and it is flying out of the doors. My colleague, Dr Anne O’Donnell and I were intrigued by the science behind BioMin® F and attracted by the concept of long-lasting slow release of fluoride, providing long-term protection and enamel remineralisation.

Having now tried it, I recommend BioMin F to patients with a variety of dental problems, specifically dentine hypersensitivity, but it also benefits patients with dry mouth problems as it appears to lubricate their teeth better and is more comfortable for them than other toothpastes.

I routinely apply BioMin F before and after scaling and use of the Airflow and give patients a sample to take home and use before and after whitening treatments.

No other product does what BioMin F does, it has all the elements you would want in a toothpaste and it is our duty as hygienists to get the team on board and recommend it to patients to improve their oral health.


The clinical results are really impressive

Faye Donald, hygienist and trainer, Yorkshire

I had heard about BioMin® F but hadn’t had time to check out yet another toothpaste. I visited Trycare about 18 months ago to look at their GBT (guided biofilm therapy) units and got talking to David there. He talked me through the science behind BioMin F, provided samples, literature, links, and explanation, and I was interested. I tried it myself because I never recommend anything I haven’t tried personally. I like to consider the taste, how it feels - for example, do my teeth feel furry at the end of the day? I evaluate a product both immediately and then after using it for 2 and 4 weeks.

The taste was pleasant and my mouth felt clean. I tried it myself after having my teeth whitened. I had experienced sensitivity myself for the first time, put BioMin into a whitening tray and it was brilliant. It took the edge off the sensitivity. I think it is a good fit for patients who need it for a medicinal purpose or who have particular issues:

  • Vegans. They need a toothpaste which provides what they may not get in non-mainstream toothpastes
  • People who are against animal testing
  • Specific groups, eg athletes who drink a lot of sports drinks and have erosion
  • For patients post oral or head/neck cancers, who have xerostomia/dry mouth problems. Because of the loss of saliva, they need the 12-hour protection that BioMin F offers
  • Patients with xerostomia for other reasons, eg drug induced, from anti-anxiety or antidepressant therapy
  • Pregnant women – especially those suffering with vomiting, acid reflux and those who need to snack between meals
  • And of course patients suffering with dentine hypersensitivity.
  • For patients who do not want to use a fluoride paste, but still need protection, I recommend BioMin C.

Cost is usually not an issue for people looking for a solution to a specific problem, but I suggest they compare it to the cost of a bottle of wine, or a face cream or hair product – which they would not hesitate to buy.

Patients are happy with the flavour, and come back asking for more. I am pleased because it is doing what I want it to do for those patients. I now use BioMin post scaling where pellicle has been removed and the tooth surface is exposed. I am also a Swiss Dental Academy trainer in guided biofilm therapy, and use BioMin F to protect the tooth once the pellicle has been removed. I simply use a gloved finger to apply BioMin F to the tooth surface.

I would recommend any fellow professional to go and look at the studies. Most patients are fine on supermarket brands, but there are some for whom you owe a particular duty of care and who need something more. You need products in your ‘toolkit’ for these groups of patients. The clinical trials are really impressive. The cost will always be an issue, but if it is the best product for patients with a particular problem, it is right for them. BioMin F ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’.


BioMin® is a game-changer...

Theresa McCarter, Hygienist and Continuing Education Speaker, California

I have been a hygienist and educator for over 20 years, licensed in four US states, and I see education as an essential part of the hygienist’s role. I’ve been a fan of Novamin for a long time and when I read about BioMin® I was very excited about an improved bioactive glass. I brought some samples in from the UK to try them out on patients with particularly severe problems and have had great results. I believe bruxism and nutrition are the central problems in dental health among the US population in terms of sensitivity – bruxism leading to recession and root exposure, and the widespread diet of complex carbohydrates.

A toothpaste that will address the sensitivity caused by the recession is going to make a huge difference. Although the concentration of bleaching agents in whitening products has been reduced, there is still much sensitivity associated with whitening, due to the opening of the dentinal tubules. Some people (especially in California where the image is so important) go overboard on whitening, especially home use products. We recommend only use in-office treatments and the management of sensitivity before and during treatment. I have recommended BioMin to patients with poor diet, a history of drug problems, hypoplasia, dental phobia and poor oral hygiene and following gastric bypass surgery and excessive tooth whitening treatment – all with excellent results (see case studies). What I like about it is that it is an everyday toothpaste that can benefit 80-90% of our patients. When BioMin C becomes available over here we will use it extensively. It will be a game changer.


Good to have options with BioMin® toothpaste products

Joss Harding, Hygienist, Stroud, Glos

I found out about BioMin® from a dental magazine and was interested in such a different approach. I’m fairly new to it – I’ve only been recommending it for the last few months. I like everyone in the practice to try new products, so I gave samples to all the practice team and got good feedback from the staff.

Our clinical manager uses it on her two-year-old and both child and mother like it – especially the flavour and texture (and the tube shape!). I recommend it for patients with sensitivity issues especially if they have a high acidity diet, or if they aren’t keen on fluoride in high doses. My special interest is patients with cancer - on multiple medications, with dry mouth issues, and at high risk of demineralisation. I have been offering it to these patients with good results. I was attracted by the calcium phosphate content, as well as the slow release concept, and the low abrasivity of the small particles. Stroud, where I work, has quite an ‘alternative’ and ‘green’ population – local patients like the low dose slow-release fluoride concept, the UK university development, and the fact that it’s not tested on animals.

Many of them are quite ‘switched on’ and some have come in specifically asking for BioMin. Patients return saying they like the sensation of smoothness and cleanliness all day long, and the feeling that the slow release is protecting their teeth over several hours. I like to give people options, and for certain patients I am pleased that there is a completely fluoride-free variant.


It works – and patients tell me it works

Dr Jonathan Waterer, Leek, Staffs

I read about BioMin® and immediately liked that it had been developed by a dental hospital not a multinational.

I tried it personally first, and it worked, so I started recommending it to patients and started to get excellent feedback from them, including from patients who had used other products both for root sensitivity and dentine sensitivity. It has improved their sensitivity problems and they like the overall sense of cleanliness.

They keep coming back for more. It works and patients tell me it works. I would recommend my colleagues to try it for themselves.


The enamel is visibly thicker after using BioMin® toothpaste

Bhavana Dower, Hygienist and Oral Health Educator, Streatham, London

I read the literature and was impressed with the science behind BioMin® F. I especially liked the idea of the particles entering the tubules and occluding them to reduce sensitivity. I now use it on my own teeth and I feel that the enamel is looking ‘thicker.’ I’m very happy with the result.

I have also used it on my own child who had fluorosis marks on four teeth. Two have turned white now and the others are improving. I recommend it for patients with sensitivity and erosion problems, and when I am carrying out deep cleaning. Patients are coming back to buy more and giving positive feedback. Their sensitivity is much reduced.


You can’t do better than BioMin®

Dr James Durie, Hampton, Middx

Prevention is the key – avoiding loss of tooth structure BEFORE it becomes a problem. They are really on to something with this product. Nowadays I am seeing a lot of patients with sensitivity due to erosion, dissolution and reflux. An ageing population with mild gastritis or on multiple medications may have complications due to reflux and dry mouth. If sensitivity is left to continue and is continually irritated, it can be serious and lead to a possible need for endo treatment or even loss of the tooth.

Our patients with persistent sensitivity not helped by the mainstream sensitivity brands have been swapped to BioMin® – and have nearly all found it to have helped. They say their teeth felt ‘smoother’, and often they appear shinier and they are more comfortable, which is logical if the particles are entering and occluding the tubules. They also like the taste and that it foams less than some other products. The smooth surface is easier to clean and the fact that the pain is less means that patients can brush more effectively.

I am getting a lot of repeat requests for BioMin, and I am confident that there isn’t anything better for sensitivity. I also recommend it for patients with fixed orthodontic brackets, and when carrying out whitening our practice policy is to provide a couple of sample tubes with the information pack to ensure patients do not have sensitivity before the treatment and to prevent it developing during the treatment. BioMin has been developed by scientists and dentists at Queen Mary University of London, not a big international drug company, which appeals to me, and many of my patients feel the same. They read the website and the leaflet, and like that BioMin Technologies is a UK firm, as well as the concept of lower dose, slow release fluoride. My top tips on the application: Just spit don’t rinse; keep a sample tube in your handbag and have a little lick to freshen the mouth as well as stabilising the acid.

I can see that it works – at review, I use a 3 in 1 – if patients don’t gasp at the cold air, then their sensitivity must be improved. It is a very useful weapon in my armoury against tooth loss. You can’t do better than BioMin.


Over 90% benefited from BioMin® toothpaste...

Dr Rash Patel, London

I read the BioMin® information and was impressed by the science behind it, the bioactive glass and the slow release concept, as well as the physical barrier provided by the product. I also liked the idea that it avoided the need for a blast of high concentration fluoride. I recommend it for sensitivity due to gum recession and exposed dentine. I like the concept that it treats and protects the exposed tooth structure rather than flooding the mouth with fluoride, which is rinsed away within minutes.

The binding property appeals to me, and the fact that the effect is reinforced by cleaning every 12 hours. As a clinician I make a judgement on what I see works, and my own informal research, giving free samples to patients with sensitivity who had tried other products without success, showed that the ‘overwhelming majority’ – over 90% - got benefit from using BioMin. Where the abrasion is not deep enough to warrant a filling, I encourage them to change their brushing habits and use BioMin to prevent the problem getting worse – and ideally to remineralise the enamel.

If the patient is feeling better and sensitivity is reduced, the product is doing its job. This can be a life-changing benefit. It is not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it is in contact with the tooth. BioMin is attached to the surface and as it slowly dissolves, the particles enter the tubules to form a protective layer. This is especially important with patients who consume a lot of Diet Coke for example during the course of the day.

An additional benefit of BioMin is that if they are motivated to clean their teeth because it isn’t painful any longer, then they will brush better and their plaque removal will be better. It’s common sense. Patients trust your advice and you need to have the tools to give them what they need.


90% of our patients are sold on it...

Dr Don Gibson, Yeovil

I am a ‘bit of a sucker’ for new technology. I read about BioMin® on a science website, found it interesting and ordered some about 15 months ago. The science made total sense, especially the fact that it had initially been developed for another purpose (ie bone grafting). Translating it to what we need it to do in the mouth was completely logical. The slow release principle appealed to me, as did the chemistry.

Laying down the apatite makes sense to a dentist. This is a principle that all dentists should recognise is going down the right road. The photos showing how the particles occlude the dentinal tubules were extremely persuasive, and I liked that the product was developed by dentists, not a multinational corporation. Sensitivity is a major problem and a big deal for patients. Dentists tend to be dismissive but it is horrible and affects their quality of life very much. Anything that can help is worth it, but there are so many different pastes out there with different claims – how can a patient be expected to know what’s best when even a dentist can’t work it out? My wife suffers from sensitivity – so we bought a box to try – within a few days her sensitivity was much better and 90% of the patients that I have recommended it to are passionate about it and have come back for more. I give them the first tube to try out and about 90% are sold on it.

The results have been better than I dared to hope, and beyond my expectations. Some of the patients with the most significant problems, who haven’t been able to find anything that works, have had great improvement. We routinely offer BioMin now when we carry out whitening – it’s standard procedure. We are seeing improvement in patients’ oral hygiene because they are cleaning areas that were previously too painful to clean thoroughly. They are happier to brush, and while of course, you can’t see remineralisation taking place on the tooth surface, something must be working! I would point any sceptical colleagues back to the source of BioMin F.

A dental hospital would not be supporting this kind of product with so much research and going up against the ‘big boys’ unless it worked and they believed in it. I’m in favour of minimal intervention, so this must be worth a try.


Low fluoride great results - It does what it says on the tube!

Dr Andrew Walton, N Wales

I have been using BioMin® for about two years after it was recommended by the Trycare rep. I was initially slightly sceptical but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I particularly liked that it was developed by dentists. My wife suffers from sensitivity and she tried it first.

My wife has greatly benefited from BioMin so I started to recommend it to patients, and they are coming back asking for it. We recommend BioMin for patients with prolonged sensitivity and 90% of those we recommend it to say it works much better than anything else they have tried. We advise patients with sensitivity to smear it on last thing at night so it can continue to work overnight. I was surprised it worked so well, but it has lived up to its claims. If my wife says it works, it must do! I’m very impressed.

I would say to colleagues that they should try the product for themselves – and not worry about the lower fluoride content than in competing products. It does what it says on the tube!


Find out why I'm passionate about BioMin® F Toothpaste

Sam Davidson, Hygienist in four practices across the South East

BioMin® F was recommended by one of the dentists at my Canterbury practice. I have had such great results, I am now passionate about BioMin toothpaste. I trialed it on myself first. I found I was sensitive to cold air when I had had whitening treatment, so I used BioMin F for 14 days and the sensitivity was improved enough for me to go on with the treatment. As a trial in the practice I gave about 30 patients a sample and all gave positive feedback. Many have continued to buy it. A couple of cases have been especially successful: a patient suffering from sensitivity during whitening was able to resume treatment after using BioMin.

Also, one with recession and extreme sensitivity was so improved, that I could carry out scaling. Now I recommend it for elderly patients with recession and routinely for patients during and following whitening. I have also recommended BioMin C to a patient who is very against toxins in the environment and in products. They are also prone to decay and early stages of demineralisation. It’s early days yet but signs are positive that the patient is benefiting. I had initially been concerned about the lower levels of fluoride than in competing products based on soluble fluoride, but I like the slow-release, constant flow of fluoride over several hours, giving continuing protection.

I am passionate about the product, and I am starting a study group with colleagues to look into it more closely.


BioMin® Toothpaste the ideal approach

Dr Nigel Slattery, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancs

I heard about BioMin® F at the BDA conference, then read up on it and decided to try it. I ordered a few tubes about a year ago, tried it at home and liked the texture and the taste. I was particularly attracted by the idea of sustained release of fluoride at the right concentration to remineralise enamel and continued protection over 12 hours. I have never been comfortable with the concept of a big ‘dollop’ of fluoride, most of which is washed away quite quickly.

BioMin F provides the optimum concentration for the benefit – you don’t need any more than that – and I like that it adheres to the tooth to be slowly released. It seems ideal that it looks after the teeth for 24 hours, and I like the idea of an extra boost if there is acidity present. I recommend BioMin F for patients suffering from sensitivity and those with erosion. Patients really notice sensitivity and are very happy to have it reduced. Many have come back and bought more. They find it effective and they like it.


I am convinced that BioMin® Toothpaste works...

Dr Mark Maharaj - Park South Dental Practice, Swindon

I’ve been a GDP for 20 years, working almost entirely in the NHS, with patients from a wide cultural background, and their dental health and oral hygiene are affected by various cultural influences. I had read about BioMin® in the press and was intrigued and wanted to try it out on patients suffering from sensitivity.

I wasn’t 100% convinced but believed it was worth a try with potentially a lot to gain if it worked. I recommended it to patients who had problems with recession, brush abrasion, and sensitivity. They have seen positive results and with reduced sensitivity are now able to brush without discomfort. They are extremely happy and have recommended it to their friends and families. They are happy to buy it from us but they would love it to be more readily available in the supermarket or pharmacy. Although the article suggested there would be good results, I was surprised by such a strong positive reaction, and the increased demand to stock the product. Many come back and buy two tubes at a time to ensure they don’t run out.

They definitely have reduced sensitivity and they are much more willing to brush close to the gum line which has improved their plaque index and general oral hygiene. It’s still early days and I do not yet have clinical evidence of BioMin reversing lesions, but I believe that if we can reduce the pain of brushing teeth it will generally improve oral health and lower the risk of lesions getting worse.

I am convinced that it works for patients with sensitivity, and can see the benefit to those who use it regularly. I think it has changed the way they brush and their oral hygiene routine. Brushing with BioMin F twice a day is a more consistent method of delivering fluoride and enables the effect to continue over a 12-hour period. Colleagues – try it for yourselves and you will be able to judge the benefit it will deliver to you and your patients.